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Training Package - Personal Development

Full immersion towards your own personal development. For clients after a longer-term commitment.

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Emotional Intelligence Course

Duration: 1 DAY

Problem Solving Strategies

Duration: 1 DAY

Self Management

Duration: 1 DAY

Time Management

Duration: 1 DAY

Resilience Training Program

Duration: 1 DAY

Emotional Intelligence

Course Outline (1 day)
  • The history of emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence defined
  • The EI blueprint
  • Optimism & positivity
  • Validating emotions within others (your team)
  • Understanding emotions
  • Setting and clarifying your personal vision

Self Management

Course Outline (1 day)
  • Defining self management
  • Discovering who you are and what you stand for
  • Change management strategies
  • Managing your behaviour
  • Motivation and optimism
  • Using your existing tools

Resilience Training

Course Outline (1 day)
  • Working under pressure
  • Getting to the heart, pressure points, emotional triggers & action planning
  • Using emotional intelligence for building resilience
  • Designing your resilience toolkit
  • Time management & organisational skills

Problem Solving Strategies

Course Outline (1 day)
  • The eight essential steps for defining a problem
  • The essence of making important decisions
  • Models and tools for solving problems
  • SWOT Analysis (that works!)
  • Making excellent decisions within groups
  • Analysing data for producing effective results
  • Preparing and coordinating for the implementation of problem solving plans
  • Case studies and scenarios

Time Management

Course Outline (1 day)
  • Learn about the principles of good time management
  • Setting goals to enhance productivity
  • Tips and tricks for better planning
  • Setting up your priorities
  • Making better decisions
  • Delegating work
  • Scheduling tasks
  • Putting an end to procrastination
  • Streamlining your workload

Your Leadership Package Includes: