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Training Packages - Leadership & Management

Full immersion into leadership & management, designed for clients who intend to take multiple courses.

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The New Manager

Duration: 2 DAYS

The Developing Leader

Duration: 2 DAYS

Advanced Leadership Skills

Duration: 2 DAYS

The New Manager Workshop

Course Outline (2 days)
  • What exactly is a managers role
  • The 6 important cycles of management
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • The Situation Leadership model
  • Monitoring staff performance against predefined objectives
  • Motivational models and their application
  •  The Skills vs Will Matrix
  •  Giving positive and constructive feedback

The Developing Leader Workshop

Course Outline (2 days)
  • Establishing your role as a workplace leader
  • Identify your leadership style
  • Introversion vs extroversion
  • Leaderships theories and models
  • Planning, goal setting and time management
  • Employee development models
  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with workplace conflict
  • Managing disciplinary issues

Advanced Leadership Course

Course Outline (2 days)
  • Leadership models and theories
  • DiSC® leadership profiling
  • Team building and collaboration
  • Self-leadership (personal development)
  • Emotional intelligence and self awareness
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Communication principles, broadcasting, listening and asking better questions
  • Influence & persuasion techniques
  • Performance management
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Coaching your direct reports
  • Conflict management

Your Leadership Package Includes: