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In-Depth Management 101 Workshop

  • Presenting the manager’s roadmap
  • Duration: 3 day workshop
  • Who? Aspiring, new and seasoned managers

This comprehensive course will cover everything you need to know about leading and managing others. From designing and implementing operational systems and processes, to the creation of effective communication channels.

“Managers must communicate their message to the people who work for them, in a way that inspires and motivates action.”

The best managers get to the heart of what their people really want, they negotiate alliances with others, improve their own team’s performance, and position their ambitions with the needs of the company.

If you want an engaging and educational experience that will ramp up your career, join us for this program.


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Course Overview

This 3 day management program promises to be an engaging experience for the aspiring, new or seasoned leader.

This course covers the most important components of management that can be applied immediately. It will prepare you to build a management style that can help you to thrive in your career.


Please note: This course also includes DISC® Profiling which assesses individuals on four behaviour styles that include either dominance, influence, steadiness or conscientiousness. This predicts how the individual is most likely to act/react to certain situations.

Course Outcomes for In-Depth Management 101

  • Develop effective systems and processes to build and then manage high performing team members.
  • Learn how to lead in a strategic manner and why a situational leadership approach is key.
  • Develop insights into how the best managers manage others.
  • Help team members to become more confident, productive and self-sufficient.

Furthermore in this Program

  • Discover how to improve your teams innovative capabilities.
  • Learn about the importance of creating a “culture of innovation” and how to apply this to your team.
  • Understand the crucial role that empowerment plays in creating an innovative environment.
  • Find out how to use the right management tools, including coaching, delegation and giving feedback.
  • Get practical strategies and guidance to improve the output of your team.
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Topics Covered

  • Peter Senge’s vision of a learning organisation
  • Achieving personal mastery while attaining a shared team vision
  • Team learning and thinking styles
  • Understanding leadership and the five essential practices
  • Systems thinking and managing change
  • Leadership practices and models
  • Learn about Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership model


  • Establishing trust with team members
  • Managing change
  • Time management strategies
  • Managers vs. leaders
  • Influence strategies and managing relationships
  • Strategic planning and problem-solving processes
  • Delegation and feedback techniques
  • Meeting management and pumping up your group presentations

Program Framework

All Aptitude courses are conducted through our Program Framework consisting of:

  • Workshop booking consultation
  • Trainer led skills gap analysis
  • Tailored participant training plan
  • Post workshop coaching

Further Details

This managerial workshop has been designed to provide attendees with the ultimate tool kit to better lead and manage their teams.

Experiential Learning

More than simple theory, this 3 day event includes live trainer demonstrations, practical role plays, facilitated group discussions and in-depth feedback and guidance.

Fully Catered

All our training programs include a detailed learner guide, refreshments provided throughout the day and a sit down lunch.

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5 star participant feedback
Our trainer was a knowledgeable and skilled presenter who brought each person’s story to the table which allowed us to further learn from each other.
– Head of Lending & Operations
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and the way it was presented it. I feel I will be able to make immediate improvements and look forward to implementing them.
– Production Manager
Out trainer was a pleasure to have facilitate the course and managed our diverse group extremely well. Would highly recommend.
– State Coordinator

Aptitude Management Satisfaction Policy

If you attend a workshop and are unhappy with the course, simply inform us, and we will refund your fee in full Policy Conditions

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Complete this form below to have a training consultant call you. There is no obligation and we’ll happily answer any questions about this course.