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Feedback and Reviews

Course Feedback

Awesome course!!! I truly enjoyed found Mel to be engaging and interesting course wasn't one of those death by power points.
james lamperd
Team Supervisor at Atlas Copco
A good training day and well organised with heaps of activities which kept it fun. I feel more confident in my skills and look forward to applying what I learnt.
Department Manager
I only wish the training had been longer, but the trainer was very agile, I really like the way he communicates and how he adjusted for our level of understanding as a group.
Loved the course, interactive, fun, inclusive and informative. Never felt pressure to move on from discussions.
Head of Sales
Great Training - Aptitude Management is the best!
SEO Product Manager
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the way it was presented. I feel I will be able to make immediate improvements and look forward to implementing them.
Production Manager
Our Instructor was obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about the coursework. I liked that the exercises we had to do were mostly practical and applicable to everyday work situations. I've learned new skills and methods of communicating I didn't know before.
Team Lead
Valuable information and talking point to walk away with and implement. Lots of great tools, food for thought and well delivered with good examples.
Operations Manager
Very educational, we had an excellent trainer with very interactive techniques that engage you.
Project Manager
The trainer was a knowledgeable and skilled presenter who brought each person’s story to the table which allowed us to further learn from each other.
Head of Lending & Operations
The trainer ran a fantastic course, thank you and well done!!
CDC Team Leader
Our trainer was an excellent and effective communicator. Enjoyed the course very much.
Service Coordinator Manager
A very satisfying and most enjoyable training with Jennifer Quirk. The course was very interactive and made a lot of sense, i had learnt a few tools that i could take away and use.
Section Manager

Written Reviews